Bexters Application Wrap Small Starter Kit

For wrist and ankle

$14.99 AUD

SKU: 5860
Bexters Application Wrap Small has been uniquely designed with one pocket for targeted relief of muscle & joints in the smaller areas of the body. The two Velcro straps will hold your application wrap firmly in place and allow you to get on with your day during use.
Pour Bexters Soda Crystals into the wrap pocket for targeted relief from aching or swollen muscles & joints.

Targeted Area: Ankle, wrist, elbow & smaller body parts

Only Available Online.
How To Use

Ideal for use on smaller joints such as ankles and wrists in conjunction with Bexters Soda Crystals.

  1. Machine Wash before first use
  2. Unfold the application wrap to reveal the pockets
  3. Fill one or both pockets with 100g Sport Crystals depending on the size of the injury – do not add water
  4. Wrap the pack around the affected area and secure with Velcro straps
  5. Leave pack on for a minimum of 3 -4 hours, preferably overnight
  6. Place a towel underneath the Application Wrap to absorb any fluid
  7. Wash between uses
  8. Recommended for use on alternate days

44% Cotton, 56% Polyester

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