Tri Starter Pack

$24.95 AUD

Save over 25% with our dedicated Tri Starter Pack!

We know how gruelling training for a triathlon can be on the body which is why we have put together the perfect training pack for you.

Our Chafe-No-More anti-chafe has been formulated to provide a non-greasy light weight protective barrier on the skin to prevent chafing, friction and blisters. The easy roll on application provides a thin, even layer on the skin creating a smooth, barely there protective coating. Perfect for use on short to medium distances.

Struggling with cramping? Our 100% natural Magnesium Oil Spray can quickly be applied before, during or after training to help prevent and relieve cramping.

Our 100% Natural Soda Crystals are perfect in the bath to help relieve sore, aching and tired muscles after training or racing.