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Skin Chafe: What Causes Skin Chafing?

What products can prevent chafing?


Skin Chafing can be caused by physical activity involving the continuous rubbing of skin against skin and/or clothing material. The friction generated in this process damages the top layers of the skin and exposes the raw and more sensitive skin below. There are many common areas where chafing occurs including on the nipples, inner groin and thigh, under and between breasts, between buttocks, under arms, under specialised sporting equipment, and on the feet.

Anti Chafe Cream Vs Wax Chafing Cream

Sports Anti Chafe Roll On

IRONMAN® by Bexters Chafe No More is a non-fragranced chafing cream with a blend of silicones and Aloe Vera that provides light weight, non-greasy chafing prevention. The product is ideal for use in shorter distance events such as half marathons, gym workouts, running, cycling, hikes and every day activities, where you will not be in the water. Chafe No More does not contain vegetable oils, waxes, mineral oils, or petroleum jelly (petrolatum). Nor does it contain water, meaning that it may be applied to previously abraded skin with minimum discomfort.

Waterproof Anti Chafe Wax Cream
IRONMAN® by Bexters Anti Chafe Extreme is a blend of silicones, vegetable oils and waxes that creates a thick waterproof chafing cream barrier ideal for long distance and underwater events; such as endurance events, triathlons, marathons, ultra-marathons, swimming and water sports. When applied to the arms and legs, it also facilitates the easy removal of the wetsuit in triathlons allowing for a fast and smooth transition.

The waterproof anti chafe cream wax formula is specifically designed for wetsuit wearers, containing no mineral oil or petroleum jelly, ensuring the formula won’t damage wetsuits or athletic performance material. Furthermore, Anti Chafe Extreme does not contain water meaning that it may also be applied to previously roughened skin with little discomfort. 

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What Additional Steps Can Be Taken To Prevent Chafing?

  • Wear well fitted athletic clothing
  • Ensure clothing material used is breathable and expels water quickly and easily
  • Wear specially designed socks and shoes suited to the activity
  • Avoid Petroleum based lubricants, as these will block your pores and stop your skin from sweating, cleaning and repairing itself
  • Petroleum based lubricants can also strip the lining and glue of wetsuits!


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