Daniel Tank

daniel tank

Daniel “Tank” Rowell

Daniel “Tank” Rowell is an endurance athlete born and bred in Bendigo, Victoria. Why do they call him tank you ask? Aside from being shortlisted to cast as the ‘Mountain’ on Game of Thrones, this guy literally powers through obstacle races with nothing getting in his way or slowing him down!

Tank trains out of Crossfit Anarchy in Bendigo which prepares him for events that would make you (and me) cry at the thought  of competing in. These include obstacle course racing, tough mudders, spartan races and trail running with goals to compete in both a 24 hour endurance in the U.S. as well as the upcoming 4 day – 210km trek from Bendigo to Ballarat in October.

When Tank isn’t destroying obstacle courses and blitzing trail runs, he’s running his own logistics company with his wife Kez and their seven awesome kids.

We got together with Tank to find out what got him into these crazy events and how he keeps going!

Bexters: Tank you crazy man! What got you into all these endurance sports and events?

Tank: I’d been overweight and unfit most of my life and had been introduced to Crossfit by good friends. After a few sessions I was hooked
and set about entering any sort of fitness based event on the calendar. In the process I lost around 20+ kgs.

B: When did you first decide to give CrossFit a go?

T: It’s been nearly 4 years now but I started obstacle racing 3 years ago.

B: So what do you love about CrossFit?

T: CrossFit and Obstacle course racing go hand in hand as both require a huge amount of functional fitness, strength, mental toughness and endurance which I really enjoy.

B: Do you have any pre-race rituals?

T: Well I’m a little OCD the night before a big race as I’ll usually pack my back 3 or 4 times to make sure I have everything. There’s nothing worse than forgetting a crucial piece of gear, especially during an endurance race. I’ll also whack my headphone in a listen to a few songs on repeat to amp me up right before the start.

B: Oh yeah give us an insight to your playlist!

T: My absolute favourite is Illumination by The Rollins Band.

B: Great tune! So what really motivates you?

T: I’m a goal setting kind of guy. If I don’t have goals I don’t really feel like I’m training for anything and won’t push my self to the limit. Plus I have my wife and kids that help me dig deep when I really need it.

B:  If you could be one sporting idol for a day who would you be?

T: Brent “Boomer” Harvey for sure! Boomer plays AFL for the Kangaroos and just broke the all time games record in the AFL. Wouldn’t mind spending a day on the training paddock at Arden Street either.

B: What’s your proudest achievement?

T: Completing the Spartan Race “Ultra Beast” which was 42km track race with 75 obstacles along the way. Took me 8 hours but was so worth it!

B: Wow impressive! What if you could choose to be one super hero, who it would it be?

T: I’d have to go with Captain America. I like his old school demeanour and how he fights for the underdog. Will stand by his mates and has been around the block a few times (old like me) but still mixes it with the best of them.

B: Good choice. What about after one of your gruelling endurance races, surely you have a favourite cheat meal you can’t wait to tuck into?

T: After one of those long races I’ll generally eat anything and everything haha…but seriously… Plus a good juicy burger and beer always goes down a treat.

B: Well thanks for your time Tank and we wish you all the best for your upcoming trek!