IRONMAN Triathlon Official Product Partner

official IRONMAN® partner

Official Licenced Product of IRONMAN® Triathlon Australia

Bexters is proud to now be officially partnered with one of the world’s most gruelling, high endurance and physically-demanding sporting events known to mankind, IRONMAN®.

Since its inception, IRONMAN® has been pushing individuals to the absolute limit. With a 3.86km swim, 180km bike ride and 42.2km marathon to train and compete for, athletes demand that their bodies are performing at an optimal level on a daily basis.

Bexters has partnered with IRONMAN® Australia as our range of products are perfect for triathletes and sportspeople. Offering a range that can help to enhance race performance naturally, encourage fast recovery time and promote overall health, Bexters is regularly used by triathletes and is a regular feature in IRONMAN® triathlon gear and merchandise bags.

Buy Bexters Soda Crystal Range & Enhance Your Performance!

The Bexters range includes Soda Crystals; all-natural sodium decahydrate crystals which helps in both the relief of aching muscles, joints and feet as well as rejuvenating a tired body after strenuous exercise. Twisted an ankle during training? Need to get triathlon or race ready? Apply Bexters Soda Crystals directly to the afflicted area with our specially made application wraps and let the crystals naturally help to reduce swelling and inflammation.

IRONMAN® by Bexters Triathlete’s Range

Magnesium Oil Spray; 100% pure magnesium, harvested from the Dead Sea, provides a variety of health benefits. Sufficient magnesium levels can reduce cramping & muscle soreness, help fight inflammation, promote the disposal of lactic acid, encourage muscle movement and protein formation, as well as promote good sleep and help to regulate the nervous system. Topical magnesium has been shown to have higher absorption levels than alternative methods and aids performance at all stages; training & preparation, in race, post-race recovery and ongoing health.

Anti Chafe Extreme is a neoprene and wetsuit-safe, waterproof anti chafe product that has been specially designed with IRONMAN triathletes in mind. Perfect for endurance events, the wax-like cream is easy to apply and can be used to fight chafing at different points throughout the race. Triathletes can use the Anti Chafe Extreme at rubbing points on the wetsuit to provide comfort, safe in the knowledge there’s no damage to their gear, as well as lathering their feet to ensure a smooth slip in to the cycling shoes and no discomfort from sand rubbing. Of course, Anti Chafe Extreme is also ideal for chafing prevention at the usual discomfort spots; inner thigh, groin, buttocks, nipples & armpits.

Chafe No More is a perfect product for regular, short-distance use and ideally used in training sessions and single-discipline events, as it is not waterproof. An easy roll-on application, the Chafe No More anti chafing cream provides a lightweight, non-greasy protective barrier. Recommended for use in marathons to avoid rubbing of the nipples and feet, as well as for cycling to prevent saddle rash. Developed with athletes in mind, Chafe No More can be used by anyone experiencing chafing discomfort.

Epsom Bath Salt combines the benefits of magnesium sulfate with peppermint oil to assist your performance in the lead up to an event and your recovery post-race. Strenuous exercise can deplete your magnesium levels through sweat and an accelerated metabolism. Magnesium deficiency has been shown to impair performance and hinder recovery. Soaking in Epsom bath salts is known to allow for transdermal absorption, helping to replenish magnesium levels and improve muscle movement, avoid cramps and promote energy creation.