Levi Maxwell

Levi Maxwell

My name is Levi Maxwell; I am a professional Triathlete and coach.

 I did my first Triathlon about 10 years ago. I have always been into sport, and have had a real passion for fitness and nutrition. I grew up playing Footy, Cricket and golf at high levels, and participated in many other sports, but I guess they weren’t for me. My stepping-stone into triathlon was the gym. I used to spend countless hours there doing Spinnerval classes and running on the treadmill.  That ignited my passion to compete in triathlon after a work college suggested I try one. I had never done any real swimming before or had lessons but I took on the challenge and am slowly catching up to the elite field of swimmers.

After a few years of success at an age group level whilst juggling full time work and study, I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to purse the sport full time with the support from a sponsor and my partner. So in 2015 after winning my age group for the second time at IRONMAN World Championships I decided to train full time and take my professional licence.

It’s been a tough transition from age grouper to pro, not only because of the significant change in race tactics, the importance of the swim and overall level required to be competitive but, also the significant injuries I have sustained due to crashes resulting in three surgeries that have dampened my progression. Despite this, I have managed a few podiums and wins. With each race I gain more experience, this experience coupled with the support from the team of sponsors behind me, I believe I have the ability to go further in the sport. How much further? Time will tell. But I am aiming for the top, and will give it my best shot to get there.

    Top Professional Results

  • 1st Place 2018 Challenge Shepparton
  • 1st Place 2018 2XU Tri R1
  • 1st Place 2018 Australian Duathlon Championships
  • 2nd Place 2019 Husky Half
  • 2nd Place 2018 Challenge Melbourne
  • 2nd Place 2018 2XU
  • 2nd Place 2016 Challenge Vietnam

 Top Age Group Results

  • 1st Place 2014 and 2015 IRONMAN World Championships
  • 1st Place and Course Record 2015 IRONMAN Cairns
  • 1st Place and Course Record 2014 IRONMAN Melbourne


We sat down with Levi and asked him to answer the hard questions. Here are his responses:

What is your greatest Sporting Achievement?

My first pro win at Challenge Shepparton

 What is your greatest NON Sporting Achievement?

That’s a tough one. My achievements as a coach and setting up my own coaching business.

 How did you get introduced to triathlons?

The first time I ever heard of Triathlon was in grade 6 when my teacher told me about Levi Maxwell AKA the alien. But I didn’t know anything about it or have any interest, as I was a mad footy and cricket fan.  Later in life whilst studying and working at Coles, the bread man (Who was a great age group Triathlete) though conversation suggested I do a Triathlon as I was going to the gym doing spin classes and running. So with no real idea about what Triathlon was. I went and bought and borrowed some gear and did my first Tri a few months later.

 Do you have a favourite event?

There are too many great events and too many events I haven’t done. But I usually love country club races where the community gets involved and the organisers offer some great experiences and value.

 What do you prefer, competing or coaching?

Another tough one. I enjoy both for different reasons. I obviously have much I would like to achieve and in this process will continually learn therefore developing my coaching knowledge through this experience. Coaching and helping athletes achieve their goals is very rewarding. I’ve been very lucky to get help from some incredible people in my time in the sport, and enjoy passing on the good deeds. But my main focus at present is on my own competition because I don’t want to live life with any regrets. I have to give my professional career all I’ve got while I can. Success or not, I think it will make me a better coach in the long run.

  What is the worst part of competing in triathlons?

It use to be chafe. But not with Bexters chafe no more. ;)

 Swim, bike or run? What do you prefer?

I really enjoy training each leg but go through phases of which is my favourite. But running would likely be the winner mostly due to it is time efficient and you don’t have to deal with traffic.

 What is a must have/must do in lead up to a race?

I try not to be superstitious. But a Mr Doughnut Banana Custard Doughnut when in Australia.

 What is your best training tip?

Have a plan but listen to your body. We are not machines. Let the warm up be an indicator of how the body is feeling and make a decision. Smart and consistent training will take you further than HARD and inconsistent training.

 What motivates you?

Multiple things. My sponsors, my family (partner and puppy) having the ability to do the sport, my drive to be a better me, and the people who look up to me.  It’s an individual sport, but the individual can’t succeed without support. I have great support and that means a lot to me and drives me to do my best.

 How do you recover after a race?

I try to have a Pro4mance protein shake and some fluids, as I am not usually hungry. Then race massage if it’s available and if I am not too hot, I will pop on my CEP Clone tec recovery tights. Then within 24 hours of race finish, I try to have a Bexters Soda crystal bath and spray the Magnesium spray after to help bring down any inflammation and replenish magnesium levels. If I have any isolated niggles ill use the Bexter soda crystals in a wrap on the sore area over night, for a few nights until the niggle settles down.

 What do you say when an athlete says “I can’t”

“If you think you can’t, you wont.”


“The difference between a dream and a goal is belief.”

 What do you do in your downtime away from triathlons?

All Triathlon work aside (Training, coaching, research, social media, managing etc) I like to spend time with my partner, dog or out in nature exploring. I spend so much time planning that I really appreciate time where I can be present.