Common Tennis Injuries & How To Promote Recovery Naturally

Common Tennis Injuries & How To Promote Recovery Naturally

From Wimbledon to the Australian Open, tennis has captivated audiences from around the world for more than a century – enticing spectators with a line-up of unforgettable, nail-biting matches.

In Australia, we love our sports, and tennis is no exception. Making its mark as a social sport, the continued popularity of tennis has also seen a jump in the numbers of competitive players around the country. Drawn in by the high-energy of professionals we spectate so passionately on television, more than 960, 000 Australian’s are now proud to call themselves tennis players.

While it’s clear to see our country has truly fallen in love with the intensity and sportsmanship of this great game, identifying and understanding the most common injuries facing players will help us to ensure that this is one love affair that lasts throughout the ages.

Knowledge is power when considering sports injuries. By educating ourselves on the potential risk of injuries and the best techniques for recovery, we can achieve faster healing periods and get back into the game sooner.

Injuries associated with tennis

As a complex physical sport, the endurance required by players to achieve peak performance can often result in injuries or stress across various areas of the body. Players may experience varying degrees of discomfort, depending on levels of fitness and skill, however the good news is that most injuries can be minimised, or even prevented entirely, with the correct conditioning and treatment practices.

The most common injuries associated with tennis are:

  • Tennis elbow pain
  • Rotating cuff tendinitis
  • Wrist strains
  • Muscle soreness (particularly within regions of the knees and back)
  • Feet blisters
  • Thigh Chafing

The most effective techniques for recovery

The physical strain caused by asking our bodies to run, swing, hit and twist in sports poses the risk of ongoing health issues if correct treatment practices are not followed. Luckily, for most tennis players, the course of treatment recommended by medical professionals consists of an all-natural approach, focusing on a combination of the RICE technique and the right dose of vitamins and minerals to promote rapid recovery.

Through avoiding unnecessary, chemically-driven pain relief drugs, players can allow their bodies to properly recuperate, offering the body optimal time for healing and recovery. When combined with Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation, natural sports supplements will greatly enhance the efficiency of recovery methods. Recreational and professional players alike rely on a wide range of natural products to achieve better regeneration and recovery post injury, including vitamin capsules, topical ointments and mineral sprays.

While there are many great options on the market for natural recovery products, tennis enthusiasts will often turn to the beneficial healing properties of the Bexters Sports Recovery Range – a collection of specially developed products that are formulated to assist in the treatment of the muscle aches and strains most commonly experienced by tennis players.

Muscle inflammation is a debilitating and painful condition for many athletes, however with natural products such as Bexters Soda Crystals, swelling relief can be promoted so that the body is effectively treated with natural, anti-swelling properties. Another tried and tested means for recovery is the greatly popular Epsom Bath Salts method, a treatment that promotes regeneration, while replenishing the bodies natural source of magnesium.

Due to the stop-start nature of tennis on various surfaces, feet blisters are a common discomfort experienced by players. A great way to prevent blisters is to provide lubricant on your toes/feet which provides a layer of protection in order to prevent irritation on the skin. Chafing can also cause painful unease for tennis players, especially in the groin and upper thigh region. To prevent chafing, the skin that rubs against each other requires a layer of lubricant that provides a smooth glide factor. Chafing cream, such as IRONMAN by Bexters’ Chafe No More, can be applied quickly and easily whilst also lasting for the duration of your match.   

Natural products for recovery provide an unbeatable alternative to chemically altered drugs, which can often have potential risks for users. As a nation of sports lovers, we want to get back in the game sooner – and with a combination of rest, ice and natural sports recovery supplements, you’ll be back on the court before you can say match-point!

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