Bexters Sports Recovery Range

    Bexters is dedicated to helping sportspeople perform their best and recovery fast. We have specially developed our products keeping in mind the common issues and ailments experienced by athletes. Our bodies endure a lot of stress and exertion when we participate in sporting activities, and so it is important to ensure they properly recuperate and receive the replenishment they need. We’re committed to creating quality products that will support you at each stage of your sporting life.

    Bexters Soda Crystals, 50yrs Young

    Bexters soda crystals, formerly Lectric crystals, boasts a strong history, having been around for over 50 years and widely adopted by physiotherapists, chiropractors, Bowen therapists and athletes alike. An all-natural product made with hygroscopic crystals, means it has natural anti-swelling properties. The use of Bexters soda crystals is ideal for sports injuries where there is localised swelling and inflammation, but for many decades this natural remedy has also been adopted by rheumatoid arthritis sufferers to help relieve their painful symptoms. Find out more about Bexters history.