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Soda Crystals for Swelling

For over 50 years Bexters crystals have been recommended by physiotherapists, chiropractors and athletes in Australia to reduce swelling, relieve aching muscles and recover from strenuous activity.

Bexters crystals have long been known as a highly versatile product, with a number of useful qualities. Especially important for recovery and healing is the crystals ability to attract moisture, this along with the special mixing process makes Bexters sport and bath crystals superior in their ability to draw out fluid from muscles and joints, as well as provide relief from tired and aching muscles.

Bexters crystals were first widely adopted by the Bowen Therapy community in Australia. Tom Bowen, the creator of Bowen therapy, first endorsed bexters crystals as a natural remedy to assist with recovery and healing. He was amazed by their ability to relieve aching or swollen muscles and joints and encouraged colleagues and patients alike to reap the benefits of Bexters crystals.

Today Bexters crystals are used, recommended and stocked by hundreds of Bowen therapists, physiotherapists and chiropractors in Australia. Leading athletes across all sporting codes rely on Bexters crystals for their recovery.

In 2016 Bexters began operations in beautiful Stellenbosch, South Africa – it’s first international venture. South Africa’s love affair with sport and being world renowned for endurance events like the Cape Argus, Comrades and host to Africa’s largest Ironman event provide Bexters with an opportunity to help South African’s recover quicker and provide relief to sore, tired and aching bodies.