"Provides relief from aches, pains and swollen joints"

Joe O’gorman

10x Marathron Runner


"Soreness and heat in my joints is much relieved"

Cheryl Nuemann

Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferer

Pain relief

"After a 20 minute soak my recovery was amazing, no sore muscles!"

Christine Purdie

Southport Runners and Walkers Club

Muscle Relief

"Instant relief from really tight and super sore muscles"

Joanelle Lucas

10x Marathron Runner


"A great addition to the bath for general aches and pains and useful in aiding with superficial swelling/effusions"

Alicia Tang

Sports Physiotherapists, English FA Lead Womens Physiotherapist

Full body relief

"I love having a hot bath in Bexters Soda Crystals after a heavy training session"

Kimberly Smith

Former professional netballer for NSW Swifts
Trainer at East Side Running Crew