Why Use Bexters Crystals

why use


Bexters Soda crystals
Using 100% natural sodium carbonate, bexters crystals are created through our unique crystallization process ensuring an effective product that is free of phosphates, dyes and fragrances. Being naturally hygroscopic, Bexters soda crystals are ideal for drawing fluid build-up from the body and reducing swelling.

Use Bexters soda crystals in a wrap to:

Use Bexters Soda Crystals in a bath or foot/hand soak to:

  • Ease overall aches and pains
  • Rejuvenate after sports and exercise
  • Relax and unwind after a long day
  • Relieve aching muscles
  • Reduce inflammation naturally


Bexters are also an official IRONMAN product partner and have developed a range of triathlete-focused products. You can buy IRONMAN products online and try the new range yourself. It includes two types of anti chafe cream to prevent chafing and a transdermal magnesium oil spray which provides a wider range of benefits.

For over 50 years Bexters crystals have been recommended by many physiotherapists, chiropractors and athletes in Australia to reduce swelling and relieve aching muscles.

See the amazing experiences our customers have had with Bexters. The results speak for themselves!