tennis elbow symptoms relief

tennis elbow relief

Tennis Elbow Symptoms & Treatment

Tennis elbow is a form of tendonitis regularly experienced by tennis players, as well as labourers and carpenters who endure repetitive use of the elbow. Tennis elbow is quite like Golfer’s elbow and therefore both require rest to avoid serious and long-term damage.

Tennis elbow is a condition where the outer parts of the elbow become sore and tender, whereas Golfer’s elbow impacts the inside of the elbow; both are a repetitive strain injury and can lead to damage in the forearm muscles and tendons without proper treatment. Don’t be fooled, even if you’ve never been near a court, you may be suffering tennis elbow pain from this form of tendonitis; any activity which involves gripping, predominantly with the thumb and first two fingers can contribute to tennis elbow. Though it can happen at any age, it most commonly shows signs at around the age of 40. If not correctly treated, surgery can be the only resort, and therefore it is important to recognise the injury early and take the appropriate steps to help the elbow heal.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms include;

  • Stiffness & weakness in the forearm
  • Swelling in the elbow area
  • Pain and/or tenderness in the outer elbow
  • Pain radiating from the elbow to the hands and up the arms
  • Pain when gripping, lifting or extending the wrist

Alternate Elbow Issue; olecranon bursitis

When suffering from elbow pain and swelling, it is important to understand what the exact issue is and how to properly treat it. As tennis elbow presents itself as swelling/pain in the elbow and forearm muscle and is a widely known injury, many sufferers immediately self-diagnose their injury as tennis elbow. Another common injury experienced is olecranon bursitis, a form of bursitis which effects the olecranon bursa – a thin, fluid-filled sac located in the tip of our elbows. Just like other bursas located throughout the body, these little fluid-filled sacs act like insulation between bones and tissue.

When the elbow bursa is irritated or inflamed it will collect fluid and swell, causing mild discomfort and pain for the sufferer.

Olecranon Bursitis Symptoms include;

  • Swelling; in the tip of the elbow
  • Pain; as the bursa swells and stretches pain is experienced
  • If inflamed or infected; the elbow tip may be warm to touch and red

If you believe you may be suffering from an infection in your bursa, it is advised to consult your doctor for treatment. If your bursitis does not appear to be linked with an infection, it is best to avoid activities you have been undertaking which may have triggered the issue, allowing your body to rest and recover. If the activity cannot be avoided, elbow compression bandages can be worn to alleviate tension and provide additional support.  

Elbow bursitis is common with trade labourers, such as plumbers or electricians, who must crawl on their knees and use their elbows for support. When the activity is unavoidable such as in these occupations, establishing a self-care routine as a preventative measure of future recurrences is wise which can be in the form of elbow pads/cushions.

Causes of Elbow Bursitis include;

  • Excessive pressure
  • Trauma
  • Infection* seek medical attention if signs of an infection are present

As both tennis /golfer’s elbow and elbow bursitis present as swelling and pain in the elbow, it is important to distinguish your individual symptoms before self-treating. Depending on the degree of injury and your activities, you may be able to quickly identify the cause and establish an effective course of treatment. If you identify that your elbow injury has been caused by any one of the following, you may consider using Bexters Soda Crystals to help reduce swelling in the area and relieve inflammation:

  • Over-use in a sporting activity, like tennis or golf
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) from work activities
  • Mild trauma from a knock or fall
  • Long-term excessive pressure

    Inflamed & Swollen Elbow Relief

    Don’t let elbow discomfort slow you down any longer, Bexters Soda Crystals are an all-natural swollen elbow remedy and can assist in reducing inflammation and swelling related to tendonitis and elbow bursitis* (*that is not linked to infection). The natural properties of the hygroscopic crystals draw out moisture from the swelling and provide relief to the inflamed area. With specially designed application wraps, you can apply the crystals directly to the area and experience relief with an all-natural remedy. Though designed with sportspeople in mind, Bexters Crystals are ideal for any condition whose symptoms include localised swelling and inflammation, this includes rheumatoid arthritis and bursitis. With over 50 years of experience, Bexters Soda Crystals are recommended by Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Bowen therapists.

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