The holiday season is just around the corner which usually means excessive eating and drinking with family and friends which after all is what Christmas is all about! For a lot of us, we rely and thrive on routine to guide us towards our fitness and training goals which unfortunately can become hindered during the holidays which is why we thought it would be appropriate to provide some helpful tips to keep you fit over the Christmas break!

Having spent several years training and competing in various triathlon events across the globe, Michelle Cooper knows a thing or two about how to stay fit and in shape during the ‘Feasting Season’.

Here are her 5 tips to keeping you fit over the Christmas Break.

  1. Train early in the day and stick to your normal breakfast
    Making sure you train early gets your day off to a good start plus, if you know you are getting up early, you’ll subconsciously (hopefully!) resist that extra glass of wine or beer. Eating your normal breakfast will also ensure you are adequately fuelling your body!
  1. Break up the constant flow of food with a walk or light training session
    It makes me less likely to over-indulge if I've cut ties with the table for a while, especially on Christmas day!
  1. Do not sit in front of your favourite food - choose another seat!
    We all have those weaknesses for certain foods so don’t make it worse by having it staring at you throughout the meal – eat everything but in moderation.
  2. Maintain the water intake - it fills you up and helps manage the alcohol intake
    Just like training or racing, keeping hydrated is just as important during those particular days and nights where you might find yourself having a few drinks with family and friends.
  1. Relax and enjoy it - life is too short for crazy restrictions
    At the end of the day, ENJOY IT!

If you’re lucky enough to be travelling during your holiday break without a bike or pool in sight then why not check out this 12 day Christmas inspired HIIT workout that will help keep you in shape and ready to tackle the new year!