Does This Chafing Scenario Sound Like You?

Does This Chafing Scenario Sound Like You?

Let’s set the scene.

You’ve just started a new role, slowly fitting in with everyone in the office and settling into work when your boss walks in. Naturally, you’re a bit nervous, your mind starts racing with worry… “did I forget to give him a report? Did I park in his car spot again? Or worse, is this his coffee mug I’m drinking out of?!” You manage a confused smile followed by the usual morning niceties before suddenly being ambushed with the dreaded declaration that you’re needed for teambuilding and that you’re being entered into a corporate Triathlon.

Damnit…. you knew you shouldn’t have told everyone how you enjoyed going on Sunday cycles when really it was just a ride down to the local café on your partners cruiser with the shopping basket on the front. But you’re not completely clueless about the whole triathlon thing – in fact you seem to remember that time when spandex clad men and women with flashy skinny bikes and aerodynamic helmets - that NASA probably had something to do with - came whizzing by scaring the bejeezus out of you. Hmmmm maybe this won’t be such a bad teambuilding exercise, at least you’ll do some exercise and get fit.

Before you know it the boss has said cheerio, taken back his coffee mug that you HAD used and signed you up with Shelly and Bob to represent the company at the corporate triathlon.

With a profound sense of excitement, you bolt to Bob’s office with ambitions to secure the cycling leg. The excitement is short-lived - Shelly from Accounting has the Swim leg covered and Bob in Marketing has snapped up the Cycling leg leaving the daunting running leg up to you.

Damnit…. you knew you shouldn’t have told Bob how you loathed anything to do with running. After trudging back to your office thinking of what excuses will get you out of this conundrum (with pulling a hammy being at the top of list) you tell yourself “you know what, I can do this. Let’s dust off those mouldy clunky New Balances and go for a jog tonight…”

There you are in the freezing evening chill with numbing ears and nose. Your chest developing strange pains, your wheezing breath - reminiscent of an Orc from Lord of the Rings – scaring the neighbourhood dogs into their kennels…and you’re only at the end of your street. And to top it all off….the chafing. The inner thighs, rubbing as if a piece of sandpaper has been stuck to one leg. The nipples, you’re bent over running almost horizontal to the road in the hope your shirt won’t bounce up and down anymore. The feet, as if someone has sprinkled sand into your sock. This is hell.

You shuffle to the safety of your home to assess the damage. Overall you know you’ll get fitter and the Orc wheezing will dissipate over time. But the chafe…. this is a problem. A quick Google for Anti-Chafe sees you inundated with options, so which one do you go with?

Sports Anti Chafe productWell first off it’s important to understand the difference of occlusive and non-occlusive anti-chafe products. Occlusive products are those which are composed of petroleum jelly or petrolatum – a by-product of petroleum manufacturing. This substance is not ideal for anti-chafing as it tends to sit on the surface of the skin, locking in moisture and preventing the skin from breathing. Non-occlusive products on the other hand are a blend of silicones, vegetable oil and waxes. These ingredients ensure that the skin can breathe during performance whilst ensuring a smooth glide factor for ultimate comfort during training and racing.

IRONMAN by Bexters Chafe No More and IRONMAN by Bexters Anti Chafe Extreme are two excellent products that should be included in any athletes kit bag.

IRONMAN by Bexters Chafe No More is a convenient roll-on applicator composed of a blend of silicones, ideal for use in shorter distance events, half marathons, cycling, hiking and training. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E has also been included to provide a layer of antibacterial protection as well as soothe the skin during activity. It does not contain water meaning it can be applied to previously abraded skin with minimum discomfort.

IRONMAN by Bexters Anti Chafe Extreme is a blend of silicones, vegetable oils and waxes that creates a thick protective barrier from skin chafing. Designed for endurance athletes, Anti-Chafe Extreme is ideal for marathon runners, ultra-athletes and with it’s waterproof feature also ideal for triathletes and swimmers. With the absence of harmful mineral oils and petroleum, the formulation is neoprene safe meaning it won’t strip the lining or glue on wetsuits. It does not contain water meaning it can be applied to previously abraded skin with minimum discomfort.

“I have to say, on such a difficult day, here’s what worked - No chafing on the swim or ride”Michelle Cooper after IRONMAN Philippines

So if this scenario sounds like you, or if you have found yourself in the painful clutches of the dreaded chafe, make sure to add IRONMAN by Bexters Anti Chafe to your training and racing regime! Available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse or Online. Also, read about us in the 25.7 July Issue of the Aus Tri Magazine.

For more information visit our chafing prevention page.