Prue McAuliffe

prue mcauliffe

Prue McAuliffe

Bexters Ambassador, Prue McAuliffe is a track athlete, triathlete and personal trainer who loves all things fitness. Keep reading to learn a little more about her sporting journey.

Bexters: Tell us about your background 

Prue McAuliffe: I’m Originally from the small country town of Stanthorpe, Queensland. As a kid in primary school and high school I always did well in athletics. After leaving school and moving to the big smoke in Brisbane I didn’t continue running despite my love for it. It was one excuse or another, not enough money, time knee/ankle issues etc. That was until 2011 when my Mum voiced her belief in me and my ability to succeed in sport. Soon after that she passed away and I knew I needed to get back to running and pursue my dream of being and elite athlete.

B: What got you into track?

PM: Having attended a small school, everyone competed in all the events. My favourites were definitely running and jumping. The feeling I get when I run is like no other. I have been told I should never run again due to arthritis in my ankle. Physios have suggested that I choose another sport because of my difficulty to recover post-surgery, but none of that has stopped me. Nothing compares to that feeling I get when I run and that’s why I always go back to it no matter what the injury.

B: How long have you been involved in your chosen sport?

PM: I competed through high school then had a 12 year hiatus before returning to the track in 2014. Last athletic season 2015/2016 was my first competitive season since returning to the sport.

B: What do you love about your chosen sport?

PM: When I run I feel alive, free and happy.

B: What motivates you? 

PM: My Mum. Her strength lives on within me and I will make her proud. I think having that reason as motivation makes pursuing my goals and overcoming challenges a whole lot easier.

B: If you could be one sporting idol for a day who would it be?

PM: Usain Bolt – He is so easy going and is naturally talented. He makes running look effortless.

B: What’s your proudest achievement? 

PM: Making the decision to return to the track and pursue my dreams.

B: If you could choose one super power, what would it be?

PM: To fly!

B: Well we wish you all the best for the remainder of the year and we’ll be right here with you helping you achieve your goals and supporting you along the way!